Small vaginas and the deadly horror of Poe.

Edgar Allan Poe feared suffocating darkness.
Edgar Allan Poe feared suffocating darkness.

Many lovers of American Literature have noted a common thread that runs through the classic short stories of Edgar Allan Poe. It is the concept of being swallowed alive. His tales include the terrifying idea of inescapable living entombment in a sealed wall; a sudden horrible fall into a black cavelike pit; a spinning, dizzy descent into drowning water; suffocating, premature burial.

One theory has recently been formulated about Poe’s obsession with this singular theme. It concerns a subconscious fear of reentering the womb.

Historians who study Poe point out the well known fact that he was a deeply troubled man. According to this very novel theory, Poe’s affection for Virginia Clemm, his diminutive cousin, created for the writer an intolerable psychological dilemma. In order to achieve sexual release with his perverse object of desire, he first had to lick her tiny pussy. Other relatives of Clemm have documented that extremely long sessions of cunnilingus were required to prepare her tight vagina for penetration.

The fact that Poe spent so much time pressing his head up against an extraordinarily constricted vagina instilled in the imaginative writer a feeling of uniquely loathsome terror. Into his fertile mind entered the terrible notion that his oversized head might suddenly be engulfed, resulting in suffocation.

His eager, tragic tongue would endlessly circle Virginia Clemm’s tight pussy, on the very lip of suffocating darkness. His nose, eyes and face, so near the crushing womb, were threatened with precipitous, ultimate disaster, not unlike the fate of so many sailors in his popular short story, The Descent into the Maelstrom. Much like the character in his famous short story, The Cask of Amontillado, Edgar Allan Poe was faced with eternal entombment inside her sugar walls.