The Cinderella Fetish and unlickable feet.

Cinderella pursued by several horny males.
Cinderella pursued by several horny males.

Any strange sexual fetish, by definition, powerfully augments the libido of kinksters. Combining two perverse fetishes multiplies the potency.

The unusual Cinderella Fetish, scientifically referred to as Repulsa Podophilia, is rapidly gaining popularity in today’s modern experimental kink culture. In an age of female empowerment, this is to be expected. Repulsa Podophilia combines two traditional sexual kinks in a fascinating way: first, the ordinary foot fetish, where one’s tongue worships and licks the ankles, heel and toes of a dominant partner; second, the enforced withholding of sensual gratification.

An early example of this composite fetish can be found in the instructive fairy tale of Cinderella. Transparent glass slippers reveal her two feet in their complete naked glory, but impose an impassable barrier to Prince Charming’s lusty tongue. Her dainty small feet are rendered unlickable. Prince Charming bows down, smiling submissively and completely sexually frustrated. He enjoys a keen sense of charming impotency.

Cinderella, attaining great stature and nobility, has become a fully-realized dominatrix.