Sexual urges inside a crowded Trojan Horse.

The Trojan Horse, mounted on wheels, is pulled by slaves into the fortified city.

Depending on various Homeric traditions and historical accounts, between 30 to 40 partially naked male warriors crouched together in the hollow Trojan horse in the famous ruse by ancient Greeks to take Troy.  Homoeroticism is a significant feature and common theme in classical Grecian culture, and certain noted scholars have surmised the nearness of these warriors produced natural sexual tension.  Nervous expectation, sweat, warm flesh, abundant male pheromones and the musculature of stout men would invariably arouse the interest of at least a fraction of those crouching in vulnerable positions in the tense darkness of the large wooden horse.

There is evidence that the armor of these invaders included an unusual type of butt plug. This “anal protector” was absolutely unique in military history. Made of polished ivory and possibly inscribed with ritual markings, the smooth oblong object was carefully inserted two to four inches into the rectum to protect the huddled men from either sudden temptation or accidental sex. Sexual urges (and possibly unrestrained promiscuity) resulting from a heightened state of stress or boredom, it was feared, would endanger the ultimate victory of noble warriors waiting for sudden release from the horse into the city of Troy.